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WV Outdoor Learning Lab patch

The West Virginia Outdoor Learning Lab will make you the scientist and take your environmental STEM knowledge to the next level. Using simple observational methods and modern technology, you can find out why plants and animals react to changing seasons, how scientists use technology to measure water chemistry, and why forests are so important.

By completing our free activity book you can earn your environmental STEM patch. You can complete the book at your own pace over the course of the Jamboree. Our website provides scouts with additional resources to assist in completing the activities. When you’re finished, stop by out tent and turn in your book.

  • Waterbird Survey

    Scouts will conduct a waterbird survey just like a real scientist. You’ll identify which species of bird use the Summit Bechtel Reserve.

  • Water Chemistry of a Stream

    Using technology and other methods, scouts will take measurements of various water chemistry attributes.

  • Anuran Survey

    Scouts will put their listening skills to the test and record any anuran (frog and toad) calls they hear.

  • Lake Water Quality

    Using a YSI water quality sensor, scouts will record changes in pH throughout the day in a lake and using the resources provided determine why it changes.

  • Water Cycle

    Scouts will have to depict the basic water cycle using the knowledge they obtained by completing the other activities.

  • Phenophase Bingo

    Using their eyes and ears, scouts will record how plants and animals react to the changing seasons.

  • Plant Scavenger Hunt

    Scouts will hunt for specific plant and tree species and try to identify their phenophase.

  • Canopy Tour

    Scouts will zip along the forest canopy from tree to tree and learn about some of the important services that forests provide us.

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